Lecture Schedule

Date Subject Resources
Week of Sep 7th Course introduction
  • PDF 1
  • Review of OSI model (esp. Data Link layer, Network layer, and Transport layer)
  • Wireshark demo showing HTTP vs. HTTPS
Week of Sep 11 Security goals. Adversarial models. Formal security notions.
Week of Sep 18th Formal security notions cont'd.
Week of Sep 25th Symmetric-key encryption, block ciphers, modes of operation, the DES and AES ciphers
Week of Oct 2nd Hash functions. Security properties of hash functions. Uses of hash functions. The SHA hash function family.
Week of Oct 9th Fall Reading Week. NO CLASSES!
Week of Oct 16th Message authentication codes, their security properties and uses. Padding oracle attacks. Authenticated encryption. The AES-GCM authenticated encryption mode.
Week of Oct 23rd CLASS IS CANCELLED FOR THIS WEEK Public-key cryptography. Key agreement. The Diffie-Hellman key agreement protocol. Elliptic curve cryptography. Ephemeral keys. ECDHE key agreement.
Monday Oct 30th (During tutorial session) Midterm Exam, EC 2168, 2:30pm-4:00pm. (Note the exam room is different than the regular tutorial room).
Week of Oct 30th (During regular class time) Digital Signatures. RSA and ECDSA signature schemes.
Week of Nov 6th Digital Certificates.
Week of Nov 13th Public-key infrastructure on the web. Certificate authorities, certificate chains, trust stores, revocation.
Week of Nov 20th The Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. Secure shell (SSH).
Week of Nov 27th Randomness and pedudo-randomness. Key generation. Current recommended minimum acceptable key lengths.
Week of Dec 4th Secure password generation and storage. Exam Review.