Fall 2018

SE 4472

Information Security


This course provides an introduction to the topic of information security in the context of network communication.

The goal of the course is to provide you with a foundation for identifying, analyzing, and making appropriate security decisions when designing information systems.

In this course we're less interested in the nitty gritty details of how, for example, the AES block cipher works internally. We're interested in reasoning about how, when, and where it's appropriate to use AES. To that end we will continuously be asking ourselves the following questions:

  1. What are my security goals?
  2. What properties do I need to achieve these goals?
  3. Which implementations and parameterizations best provide these properties, and hence best help me meet my security goals?


Dec 9th
Assignment 3 marks available in OWL.
Dec 4th
Assignment 3 solutions available in OWL. Final exam review guide is available.
Nov 17th
Assignment 3 is available. Due date is Friday Nov. 30th.
Oct 29th
Assignment 2 solutions have been posted in OWL under the SE 4472 Resources tab
Oct 14th
Assigment 2 is available. Due date has been extended to Friday October 26th. Reminder... No class Wed or Thur this week. The lecture will be held during the TUTORIAL SESSION on Tuesday morning (Oct 16th).
Oct 1st
Assignment 1 solutions have been posted in OWL under the SE 4472 Resources tab
Sep 19th
Assignment 1 has been posted on the Assignments and Evaluation page.
Sep 13th
UPDATE. No class during the usual times on Wed Oct. 17th and Thu Oct. 18th. Anthony and Prof. Essex will be at the Conference on Computer and Communications Security in Toronto on Wednesday and Thursday. Class for this week will be held during the tutorial session on Tues. Oct 16th instead.
Sep 6th
No tutorial next week. First tutorial is Tuesday Sept. 18th.
Sep 5th
Fall 2018 course website is active. First lecture tomorrow (Thursday, Sep 6th) in the new engineering building (3C+) in room 1410 at 3:30pm