Fall 2021

SE 4472

Information Security


This course provides an introduction to the topic of information security in the context of network communication.

It is intended for students who have some understanding of networks, but not necessarily any background in security. The goal of the course is to provide students with a foundation that will help them to identify, analyze and make appropriate security decisions during the design and deployment of information and network systems.

The course will cover selected security topics in the following areas:

Special COVID-19 note: The course will be made accessible to both in-person and remote students. See the Course Info and Assignments pages for more information.


Dec 9th
Midterm grades and feedback are available in OWL -> Tests
Nov 16th
Assignments 4 and 5 are available. Assignment 4 deadline has been extended by one week (to Noveber 26th).
Nov 4th
Due to a scheduling conflict with BUS 4506, the Registrar has moved the SE 4472 final one week later to December 18th at 7:00 p.m
Nov 4th
Assignments 1 and 2 marks have been posted in Gradecope. Please remember to email Leah with questions pertaining to the marking itself. General questions about the concepts contained in the questions should be directed to Ibrahim.
Oct 29nd
The midterm will now be held remotely (online) in OWL. The date remains November 12th at the start of class. The duration remains one hour. Students will be responsible for completing the test in a location with reliable internet connectivity.
Oct 22nd
Assignment 3 is now available in Gradescope.
Oct 7th
Assignment 2 is now available in Gradescope. The deadline has been extended to Monday, October 18th.
Sept 23rd
Assignment 1 is now available in Gradescope. Your uwo.ca email account should have received an email notification that you were added to SE 4472 course page.
Sept 23rd
Assignment 1 deadline has been extended by one week (to October 8th). First tutorial is next week (September 30th).
Sept 10th
Please take a moment to review Western's COVID classroom policy
Sept 6th
First in-person lecture is Friday, Sept. 10th. Please use the Wednesday September 8th class hour to watch the aynchronous Week 1 lecture video. The first tutorial will be Thursday, Sept. 23rd.