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The Western Information Security and Privacy Research Laboratory

Whisper Lab is a cyber security research group in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Western University, Canada. We're engaged in a range of research topics including:

Applied Cryptography

Homomorphic public-key cryptosystems, and other primitives.

Web Security

Network systems and protocol security (TLS, SSH, WPA) including configuration and parameterization.

Secure Multi-party Computation

Protocol designs and analysis for applications in trustworthy electronic voting, secure health informatics, geospacial analysis, and more.

Privacy and Anonymity

Passwords, fingerprinting, data storage and more.

Recent Articles

WannaCry Ransomware

May 19, 2017

I was on CHRW 94.9FM Radio Western this afternoon talking about the WannaCry ransomware attack. Make sure those Windows updates are turned on! Hear the interview here:

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iVote in Western Australia

March 05, 2017

Western Australia is heading to the polls on March 11th. The geographically massive Australian state (it encompasses an area larger than Greenland) has opted to introduce online voting in its upcoming election for eligible voters with disabilities.

The system...

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Indiscreet Logs: Diffie-Hellman Backdoors in TLS

February 27, 2017

Software implementations of discrete logarithm based cryptosystems over finite fields typically make the assumption that any domain parameters they encounter define cyclic groups for which the discrete logarithm problem is assumed to be hard.

In this work...

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Ottawa Citizen Oped on Internet Voting Research

January 30, 2017

An oped co-authored by myself and Dr. Nicole Goodman of the Center for e-Democracy was published in the Ottawa Citizen today in which we tackle the issue of research funding in Canada for election technology.

Here’s the problem:...

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