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Our Mission

Cyber security is an adversarial field in which technology is viewed as being either offensive or defensive in nature. We believe it can be so much more. At Whisper Lab we see cyber security not just as a tool to stop the bad guys, but as a vehicle to advance our society in the digital age.

We see a future where people can cast a ballot online and be given a compelling reason to believe their vote was counted. We see a future where vast amounts of patient data can be leveraged to unlock secrets of longevity and well-being, while respecting privacy laws and protecting individuals. We see a non zero-sum future where society's data needs can be satisfied without the death of individual privacy. Our mission is to help create that future.

As a research field, cyber-security is tough but rewarding. We're up against some of the smartest and most well-resourced people on the planet. Our research mission is to fight to protect people and their data.
Aleks Essex
Principal Investigator, Whisper Lab
Aleks Essex



  • Rhys Carlton
    Rhys Carlton
    M.E.Sc. - Defended 2017
    Secure multi-party computationa and applied crypto
  • Nicholas Chang-Fong
    Nicholas Chang-Fong
    M.E.Sc. - Defended 2017
    Security analysis of cryptographic end-to-end verifiable voting system implementations
  • Kristen Dorey
    Kristen Dorey
    M.E.Sc. - Defended 2017
    TLS protocol security and configuration analysis
  • Vasundhara Sharma
    Vasundhara Sharma
    M.E.Sc. - Defended 2015
    Cryptanalysis of secure records linkage protocols